Learn about our past and current scholarship recipients.




Colleges:  Avila University, Kansas City, MO

Donnelley College, Kansas City, KS (AA '17)

Major:  Computer Science



College:  Emporia State University, Emporia, KS

Major:  International Business

College:  College of St. Mary, Omaha, NE

Major:  Biology




College:  Emporia State University, Emporia, KS

Major:  Computer Science (Honors College)


College:  College of St. Mary, Omaha, NE

Major:  Education 

College:  University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS

Major:  Biology

Campus Activities:  Cultural Programming Coordinator for Student Union Activities
Hawk Link Guide Social Chair, Diversity and Inclusion Chair, Latin American Student Union, University Scholar

Career Goals: To become an epidemiologist to prevent or reduce the spread of disease in unrepresented communities and promote access to healthcare.

Thoughts on the Pell Project:  "Receiving this scholarship is more than just paying tuition for another year of school. It is a statement that anyone from any background or identity can and should pursue their education no matter what restrictions they face. There are countless other individuals just like myself who did not pursue their education because of the limitations of going to college or because they would feel that they may be misrepresented in an institution that does not reflect students of diverse backgrounds. The Pell Project is a stepping stone that breaks this stigma that college is exclusive; it is for everyone and it is a community effort to elevate that person to their goals.



College:  College of St. Mary, Omaha, NE

Major:  Pre-Law

Clubs and Activities:  Student Paralegal Club, Spanish Club, Campus Ministry Office Job, Retail Job

Career Goals:  To become a custody lawyer to protect innocent children

Thoughts on the Pell Project: “I don’t know where I would be right now if I hadn’t received this scholarship. So many things have happened in my life these past three months, but I have kept one thing in mind: there are people who want me to succeed, who want to see change. I am not only doing this for myself, but like I have said many times before, I want to become a family lawyer to help others and give back to my community. I am a young immigrant, but I want to show others who have lost hope that there is something to fight for.”